The Gallery

Tipping Paint Gallery at nightTipping Paint Gallery brings together a group of award winning, highly skilled artists, whose work ranges from realistic to abstract, humorous to serious, reflecting their varied backgrounds and philosophies.

Moving beyond a literal depiction of the scene in front of her, Lori White captures the critical moment. Confident use of light creates atmosphere, defines the space and communicates a sensitivity to her subject.

Rick Bennett’s watercolor paintings connect art with the lives we lead. With playfulness and wit, Rick explores the qualities of watercolor that create entertaining passages, delicate textures and bold colors.

Choosing the medium that best suit’s the mood and subject, Linda Eddins works in oils, acrylics and watercolor. Linda’s eclectic choice of subject matter, bright colors and clean compositions provide an entertaining exploration of our surroundings.

n. lee ball’s oil paintings encourage the viewer to take on the subject and images as their own, finding their own story in her paintings of our lives and the structures that contain them.

Whether the photographs are of manmade objects or nature, Susan Jones adds color to black and white photographs to remake the world as she sees it. Her use of balance and light lead your eye through these extraordinary pieces of art.

Our mission is to help promote the visual arts as a necessary, valid, and worthwhile contribution to Raleigh’s cultural growth.

Tipping Paint Gallery is in the epicenter of downtown Raleigh, located right next to the internationally-acclaimed restaurant Poole’s Diner, across from the Amphitheater and Convention Center, and between the Warehouse District and Fayetteville Street art districts. We welcome all lovers of art; we enjoy being a gathering place for our neighbors to experience great art.